New Garden Blog

As this is a new blog I thought it would be good to do a bit of an intro about me…

A Writtle-trained gardener, currently 26, gardener-turned writer/researcher.

I’ve been lucky with my career. A while ago I decided that full-time gardening wasn’t really for me and, seeing as that’s the only thing I’m really trained in, that seemed like quite a waste. I was determined to get into garden writing in one way or another. Then I stumbled accross a ‘Marketing Assistant’ job for Gardening Direct, which, thankfully, they offered me.

As the sole ‘gardening expert’ at Gardening Direct, I had a great time being in charge of all the garden copy-writing at the same time as gaining experience and knowledge in marketing and website management.

After a few years of Gardening Direct I felt it was time to move on. I had always wanted to work for Which? Gardening magazine because it had always been my favourite. When I saw a job come up I went for it. Unfortunately I didn’t get it, but they gave me another job instead. I couldn’t have been more delighted. Working for a magazine was great, I wrote my own double-page spread about new gardening products and I did lots of research around the garden industry. Some of the things you can find out is sometimes quite fascinating. I went to all sorts of horticultural press events and networked with the people in charge of virtually every major gardening company in the UK. It was great!

I still love gardening though and do it in my free time – besides, I’d struggle to write about the topic if I never actually did it! Read this garden blog for hints and tips, seasonal advice and what-to-do’s in the garden, info about useful and interesting new gardening products and plants and also general garden-themed things.

Thanks for reading


About garden nomey

I studied Horticulture at Writtle College in Essex back in the early noughties – it was good fun and a great place to learn, and since then I’ve had various lovely jobs. I started working as a gardener at Trinity College in Cambridge, which is the biggest of Cambridge University’s colleges. That was the best gardening job I’ve ever had, the gardeners were talented and knowledgable (and fun!), the college was relaxed and the grounds are extensive and beautiful. There are amazing gardens locked behind ‘secret garden’ doorways in ancient walls, huge perennial borders to tend to, massive hedges to trim (one is 30ft high) and lawns to mow with precision. It was the perfect place for me, as a new gardener, to gain all the experience I might need to see me off into a career in horticulture. I went on to do various other gardening jobs for a few more years, before deciding that I would like to write about plants. Just as I was wondering how on earth I might get into this (as I was only trained in horticulture), I stumbled upon a Marketing Assistant job with an online and catalogue plant supplier, and they kindly took me in. This was my dream job at the time and I felt so lucky, I spent every day writing plant copy and gaining experience and knowledge in marketing and website management – something I’d never even thought about doing in the past. As it turned out, I loved it! Since then I’ve worked for more online plant suppliers, plus magazines including Which? Gardening Magazine and BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine. I currently work as a garden writer for Hubert Burda Media UK and fill some of my spare time with freelance copy writing and blogging work. Every single one of my jobs has taught me so much and I think I’ve found my niche – I’m a Gardener, Copy Writer, Garden Marketer, Feature Writer and Online Content Manager! I’ve been involved in this industry for a good while now. I’ve been to a lot of press shows, I work and have worked with a lot of suppliers and I constantly see people I know in magazines and at gardening events. I really feel like I’m part of this lovely, friendly industry and that makes me very happy. I hope you enjoy my blog! Naomi
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