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My Favourite Plants for Pollinators

Look out for the RHS Perfect for Pollinators logo on plants in garden centres and online!  It’s important to have some bee-friendly plants in your garden. Without bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects, plants wouldn’t get pollinated (where pollen is carried from … Continue reading

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February Gardening

What a lovely day it is for going out in the garden! I didn’t check the weather and chose rainy yesterday to pay a visit to the garden I look after. Not surprisingly, I only lasted a couple of hours … Continue reading

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Gardening Stories – Chapter Two

Plant nomenclature was one of my favourite topics at college. Learning the latin names of plants seems like an impossible task, but after a while it begins to makes sense. The more plants you start to recognise and identify correctly, the … Continue reading

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Winter Sun

It’s freezing cold and the ground’s too hard to dig. Don’t do gardening, just enjoy the pretty winter sun instead.

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