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Living Willow Garden Furniture

If you snap or cut a young willow stem from the tree and plant the broken end in some soil, it will grow a set of roots and carry on living! Willow branches are very flexible and are easy to … Continue reading

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Gardening Stories – Chapter Four plus Turf Care Tips!

Turf care wasn’t one of my favourite topics to learn at college, but it was an essential part of the course for anyone who wanted to be a green-keeper, or manage any kind of fine turf environment. But despite turf-grass … Continue reading

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April Gardening & Nettle in Disguise

Happy Easter Everyone! Now it’s April, the damp, mild weather means there are lots of weeds starting to make an appearance in the garden. I found this nettle lurking in a patch of very similar-looking Lamium. I’ve found that weeds can be quite crafty … Continue reading

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