Seasonal salads

Hello people, long time no post! I’m sorry about that.

Check out my friend Mira’s new blog, ‘The Morningstar kitchen garden’. She’s my super friend for gardening college and knows a lot about growing delicious fruit and veg. Particularly how to make the most out of a small space, so very useful for any of you urban gardeners.

You’ll also pick up a lot of fantastic healthy eating recipes and ideas. Yummy!

Source: Seasonal salads

The Morningstar Kitchen Garden

One of my big plans for next year is a vertical garden, along a sunny wall, to grow salads and herbs. We moved in this July, so at present the ‘kitchen garden’ is just a single hand-built wooden trough with a trellis, on the back wall of our house. However, I plan to get the most out of this little space. I had some Pumpkin ‘Munchkin’ plants which I’d started off at our previous place, so I trained these up the trellis, and planted up the trough below with mixed summer lettuces.

2015-09-05 13.49.02-2

As we move into autumn, I have sown different varieties of winter salad in patches around the base of the lettuces. These will come up as the lettuces are taken out, one by one. These hardy varieties are perfect to sow at this time of year – the cooler, shorter days will mean they don’t bolt (run up…

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I'm a Writtle-trained horticulturist who has worked as a full-time gardener, then moved on to marketing plants online for various well-known suppliers and producing content for two of the best gardening magazines in the country. I've been lucky with my career. A while ago I decided that full-time gardening wasn't as enjoyable as I imagined and, seeing as that's the only thing I'm really trained in, that seemed like quite a waste. I was determined to get into garden writing in one way or another. Then I stumbled accross a 'Marketing Assistant' job for Gardening Direct, which, thankfully, they offered me. It's amazing how a career can progress and be turned from something you're not sure you like, into your dream job. As the go-to gardening expert at Gardening Direct, I had a great time being in charge of all the garden copy-writing at the same time as gaining experience and knowledge in marketing and website management. From there, I moved on to work for more garden suppliers, Which? Gardening Magazine and I think I have found my niche... it's a weird set of skills, but I am happy with it! Thanks for reading :-) Naomi
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  1. gardennomey says:

    If you’re interested in reading more about mine and Mira’s antics at college, you can do in some of my early ‘Gardening Stories’ posts. They also include some useful gardening tips, otherwise it’s just some funny stories really!

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